Integrated Courses Offered by Annamalai University

Certain Integrated courses offered by Annamalai University as equivalent to corresponding U.G. degree for the purpose employment in public services. 
M.A.,(English and Communication) 
M.A.,(Political Science) 
M.A.,(Applied Economics) 
M.A.,(Applied Sociology) 
M.A.,(Population and Development)
M.A.,(Philosophy, Culture and Tourism) 
M.L.I.S., M.A.,(Rural Development) 
M.Com., M.Sc., (Mathematics) 
M.Sc., (Statistics with Computer Application) 
M.Sc., (Physics) 
M.Sc., (Chemistry) 
M.Sc., (Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology) 
M.Sc., (Herbal Science) 
M.Sc., (Zoology) 
M.Sc., (Bio-Informatics) 
M.Sc., (Microbiology) 
M.Sc., (Ocean Science and Technology) 
M.Sc., (Applied Geology) 
M.Sc., (Biotechnology) 
M.A., (Tamil) 
M.Sc., (Clinical Psychology)                    
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